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Castor Church of England Primary School

Current Learning

Our current topic is...


Please check your child's book bag for a copy of our curriculum leaflet.


This week in Phonics, we are learning...

s, a, t, p (w.c. 28.9.2021)   
i, n, m, d (w.c. 4.10.2021)
g, o, c, k (w.c. 11.10.2021)
ck, e, u, r (w.c. 18.10.2021)
h, b, f, ff (w.c. 1.11.2021)
l, ll, ss (w.c. 8.11.2021)
j, v, w, x (w.c. 15.11.2021)
y, z, zz, qu (w.c. 22.11.2021)
sh, ch, th, ng (w.c. 29.11.2021)
ai, ee, long oo, short oo, 0a (w.c. 6.12.2021)
ar, or, igh, ur (w.c. 13.12.2021)
ow, oi, ear, er (w.c. 10.1.2022)

We welcome information from parents and carers to add to Learning Journeys. Please click below to find a link to the 'Wow' postcards for you to return to school.